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By making a booking the hirer is accepting our Terms and Conditions



Booking accommodation through Katamaka does NOT include your festival ticket or any other passes needed to get into the boutique campsite. Please ensure that you have a festival ticket BEFORE booking your festival accommodation.



Accommodation will be available in line with the festival/event campsite opening times.



In the event of cancellation by the hirer, Katamaka will refund the following from the booking:


Cancellations made within 28 days of campsite opening 

– No refund available.


Cancellations made within 7 days of ordering 

– Full refund available less booking fee 

(However if booking is placed within 28 days of campsite opening – No refund is available).


Cancellation made 7 days after booking and 28 days before campsite opening 

– 50% refund available less booking fee.


Should the event/festival be cancelled through no fault of our own e.g. Acts of God, Weather, Pandemic, Terrorism, the festival company liquidates or goes into administration, or if the festival is cancelled for some other such cause a 50% refund will be available less booking fee.


We will treat each cancellation individually, and try to achieve a fair solution based on the hirer’s situation as well as ours.


Katamaka retains the right to cancel the booking if they believe weather conditions such as wind speed, site exposure and ground holdings result in an unsafe or unsuitable environment and risk damage to the tents. A full refund will be made to guests less booking fee.



Guests shall take all reasonable measures to keep Katamaka’s Tipi Tents closed, dry and secure while not in use during the period of hire. This includes keeping the door closed when not in the tent, and upon checking out.


Guests should not use any naked flame, heating, cooking or other gas or electrical appliances of any kind inside the tent. Damage or loss to the tent or any of its equipment or furnishings, or excessive soiling will be charged for in full to the hirer of the tent.



Katamaka’s Tipi Tents are often set up in their own gated areas with 24 hour security and wristband only access but not at all events. Whilst we try to keep an eye out as best we can please remember that personal security is your responsibility. Katamaka cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to any personal property.



If any damage occurs to the tents or furnishings caused by negligence by the festival or event such as festival fencing, lighting, signs or any structures falling onto any of the tents, festival vehicles driving over any part of the tents, flooding of the ground due to an accident by the waste removal team, or toilets/showers overflowing onto the tents or any similar reason then the festival/event will be liable in full.



Katamaka will not be responsible for all claims of injury to persons, or loss of, or damage to property, however caused, unless it is proved that such injury or damage resulted from faulty materials, workmanship or negligence on the part of the Katamaka team.


Katamaka will always endeavour to supply the equipment that the hirer has ordered, but where this is not possible Katamaka will notify the hirer as soon as is reasonably possible with information and details to any changes to the specifications to the equipment. Where this is a fundamental difference the hirer may terminate this contract and will be refunded 100% of any payment made.


The photos used to illustrate Katamaka’s Tipi Tents do not guarantee that the hirers Tipi Tent will look exactly the same. Whilst all efforts are made to supply Katamaka’s tents as similar to the photographs as possible, we use different furnishings based on what is available to us and some furnishings may appear different.  Whilst we try to use memory foam mattresses at all times, occasionally we use airbeds.  Katamaka does not supply bed frames and only supplies mattresses to its customers.


Katamaka is defined by its mobility and moves from place to place through out the summer and operates amongst the habitats of various creatures and insects. The context of Katamaka is not different to conventional camping in so far as wildlife is concerned. We prevent insects from entering the tents by providing tents with integrated groundsheets. Guests staying with Katamaka should also take necessary precautions to not attract insects and animals by keeping any food containers sealed, not leaving litter or food wrappers around and closing the door of the their tent. Katamaka will not offer compensation for the presence of insects or other wildlife species in any part of or near to the tent.


The equipment Katamaka supplies for hire at festivals or events constitutes solely the tented accommodation equipment and does not have any direct responsibility or control over other facilities and equipment made available to customers by way of toilets, shower facilities, boutique campsite security or other facilities. Katamaka provides a commission payment to festival organisers for these services to be supplied and takes every effort to liaise with the event organisers to ensure high standards of facilities for its customers. Complaints in respect to the “non-accommodation” facilities of boutique camping sites should be directed in the first instance to Katamaka who will negotiate with the festival organisers in question.


While every possible effort will be made by Katamaka to complete an order, Katamaka cannot be held liable for non-completion of orders due to matters beyond its control. Booking with Katamaka is subject to cancellation or variation due to acts of god, war, strikes, riots, extreme weather conditions such as flood, storm or gale or restrictions on the use of transport or any other cause beyond the control of Katamaka. If this is the case the hirer will be refunded in full less booking fee.

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